Wednesday, 27 November 2013

PAT Test

WALT: Reflect and evaluate honestly.
Here is my PAT vocabulary test.
I think I need t improved on taking my time and reading the question probably I also think that I need practice my vocabulary like identifying what word means the same.


WALT: Reflect and evaluate honestly.

Here is my PAT comprehension test.
I think I was really strong on this test because I had a good strategy and the strategy was read the questions first then read the story and see if I can make any connections.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Spelling/ Home work WK 7/8

1. Analyses
2. Evidence
3. Investigator
4. Guitar
5. Modern
6. Exhibition
7. Conversations
8. Language
9. Account
10. Manage


I can mange myself very well in class time and I'm on the self managing list to prove it.

I know how to play the guitar.

When I have conversation I speak English language.

I would like to be an investigator and analysis evidence.

We are having an exhibition to share our learning about modern learning classes.

I have got my own gmail account.

Maths: Practice adding decimal's using place value.

2.4+3.3= 5.7        1.51 + 3.2 = 4.72          0.64 + 6.23 = 6.87            0.34 + 0.84 = 1.18      

 5.673 + 0.56 = 6.233

Evidence Of Maths Learning

WALT: Add decimals using place Value:

Here is what I have worked on today at maths time.

Evidence Of Reading Response

We have to complete our reading response from our book that we are reading: Forensic in fire.

WALT: Analyses and make connections.

Character portrait (DRAFT)

Here is my introduction DRAFT for my charter writing.

WALT: Describe (show not tell)

Aroha <3

Prancing through the sidewalk, with a big wide smile brown shiny hair bobbing up and down hazel brown eyes glaring like the night sky. Her long legs striding through the ground.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Maths PAT Test

Here is the result from my PAT test this is what I need to get better at.
I need to work on adding fractions.

I got a stanine 5 and I think I need to work on paying attention and making sure I put the right answer in the right box.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Speech Introduction Draft

Monday morning intro (DRAFT) 

As I was in the middle of a netball game jumping high and fetching low finding my way through the court. Then I take a huge jump to seize the ball. I find my self landing in my first class with my first netball coach’s Robin and Sandy they helped me find my way down the court and helped me learn all the rules why I was just starting out.