Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Story About Risk Taking

My quote: Let Your Mind Do The Thinking And Go For It!

One day Tanya was watching T.V she heard that there were tryouts for cheerleaders at there school nek minute she was over to Saffrons house. Laken was also there she runs inside lets go to the auditions at school but there was one problem Tanya, Laken and  Saffron had never been a cheerleader before Laken wasn’t very keen on it but she knew she had to take one for the team. They turned up to the auditions they saw the talent they were up against everyone stared at the girls and said you suck go away but they still tried and listen to there own mind and thoughts. They were so anxious. The head cheerleader looked mean she wanted the best but Tanya might not be the best but she took a risk and tried. It turns out that Tanya, Laken and Saffron were the next head cheerleaders. 

Team Tag Risk Taking

Today we played a fun game called team tag team tag is where you have questions where you have to write down your thinking like write down five boys names each team would write down the names and if you had the same name as any other team you didn't get a point.

Then we came across a question the question was should a 10 year kid drive a car we had lots of debates. Then a group said if kids play violent car games would they drive like they play. Some people toke risks my disagreeing with what they said. I toke a risk by I disagreed with one but that team still got a point because I couldn't justify that there point was wrong.  

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Reading Activity

WALT: Make connections as we read

(text-text, text-self, text-world)

WALT: Use evidence in the text to support our understanding

Swimming evaluation

Monday, 15 April 2013

Marae Letter

This is my Marae letter to say thank you for our stay.

Marae Evaluation

Catch Me If You Can.

My evaluation on Catch me if you can.

WALT: Refine our swimming strokes.

WALT: Reflect & evaluate honestly.

Term 1 Value

This is where I think I am at and my learning partner thinks I'm at.
WALT: Develop whakawhanaungatanga (positive relationships)
WALT: Reflect & Evaluate Honestly

Term 1 Key Competencies

WALT: Use language, symbols & texts.

WALT: Reflect & Evaluate Honestly

I have used text symbols and language in lots of my learning.

Maori- Mihi Pepeha  
Art koru art
Art- kowhaiwhai
maths- Symmetry 

And lots more.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Taking Risk Quote

WALT: Take risks & step outside our comfort zone.

Create a motivational poster with my own quote to inspire
others to take risks.

In class on Thursdays Suzanne is teaching us and our class has been inspired by a quote we found ''The greatest  mistake one can make is to be afraid of making one'' Elbert Hubbard! So we decided to make up our own quote to do with risk taking. 

Here is my quote: The reason my quote is let your mind to the thinking and go for it because your mind is great no matter what comes out of it and you just need to go for it and maybe there might be a risk you need to take but just go for it no matter what. The picture is of me climbing up a obstacle course that is high off the ground that I have not done many times.