Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent calendar

WALT: Say the days of the week and the months of the year in maori.

Room 13 and 14 have been making some advent calendars. We are learning to say Maori months and days of the week.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Here is my speech.

By Grace Attenborough

 All the players huddle in, my parents are on the sideline and the tension is higher than ever.  finally the whistle blows, I start my first day at school. I prance into the unknown and leap in my first class with my first netball coach’s Robin and Sandy. They helped me find my way down the court and helped me learn all the rules when I was just starting out. I remember how I got Player of the day and got to sit on the special chair on the first day. I got to sit on the special chair and boss everyone around. (Still haven’t change) after that I thought nothing could top it.

Before long I was Jumping high and fetching low, finding my way through the court toward successes with Ngaire as my next coach. Before you know it I was even writing smilies in a flash and learning the apple P and apple z and all the rest. I really enjoyed the games we played outside like lion tag.  Ngaire wanted the best for us. She pushed us to do the very best that we can. 
Even sooner Deb was on the sideline and cheering me on as my next coach and it started to get technical. It wasn’t simple pass and then shoot it was pass pass run then shot it was hard work but with Deb along side me how could I not enjoy it. I remember making movies and animation’s and learning how to upload things to youtube. CONFUSING!!!

I started to get really competitive and I started to get even more nervous but Nic’s music soothed my nerves and helped get really confident and ready for my senior years. He wiped me into shape with all the fitness and I can’t forget how he made us do singing solo’s “EMBARRASSING”.

Now I’m am jumping even higher and playing ANZ level with Rosie learning my Te Reo Maori In Kapahaka and performing on stage as a leader, I always made sure I make all the top reading groups like just recently making the top Netball team and Basketball team with professional referee’s. With Rosie along side me she made me feel like I was the best netball star in the world. I remember we always got to do creative things for our reading activity and if that wasn’t enough creativity I got chosen to do BP challenges with Suzanna that really made me push my thinking. 

Wow Jacqui where to startyou are the hole package talented, nice, funny and organized. As jacqui is my next coach I was improving every second and learning  new things. Moving higher towards my big goal and finding new netball stars to hangout with all the time. Jacqui has also tort me that if I set a goal I will eventually get there. I remember when Jacqui came down to watch one of my netball games she made me push myself to play my very best. Jacqui has help me learn to defend attack and shot to my goals. 

But One thing this school has tort me is Friendships.

Are like stars you don’t always see them but you know the there. A lot of my friends have tort me so much that I will never forget. Aroha: The funny one who laugh’s at everything. Ashleigh: Well the tallest and the bossiest but she is awesome at singing and sports. Saffron: The clever and responsible one and who is very good at sports. Georgia: The athlete and the one who just goes along with everything but she can be loud. I still have more friends to name but I could be here all day but this school has helped me develop great friendships.

And oh I can’t forget, Every good team needs a great manger, David he has the biggest playground voice of them all he always says strive for excellence and you can do anything. I remember when he dressed up as a whizzed on dress up day he had a huge beard. David and all the staff have helped me pre cue my netball dreams.

But my biggest coach’s of all is my Mum and Dad they support me through everything. And they help me through my tuff times and cheer for me through me happy times. When ever they cheer for me on the side line it always make me feel happy. They sometimes correct me for infringing, but I love them know matter what.

I will miss you all but don’t worry when I’m a famous netball player I won’t forget you.

Fear well RSS I will miss you. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Character portrait

Character writing WALT: Describe (Show not tell).

Dark brown, short, shiny hair glowing in the sun. Slightly wrinkled but beautiful elegant hands typing on her laptop. Long talented legs skating on the ground toward success. Hazel green eyes shining like stars.  

Low husky voice cheering me on as I am coming up the finish line. Her responsible and organized brain is always switched on. Her name is Jacqui and she is one of the most talented people that I have met. She is always positive and happy but you don’t want to muck around… or else!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

PAT Test

WALT: Reflect and evaluate honestly.
Here is my PAT vocabulary test.
I think I need t improved on taking my time and reading the question probably I also think that I need practice my vocabulary like identifying what word means the same.


WALT: Reflect and evaluate honestly.

Here is my PAT comprehension test.
I think I was really strong on this test because I had a good strategy and the strategy was read the questions first then read the story and see if I can make any connections.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Spelling/ Home work WK 7/8

1. Analyses
2. Evidence
3. Investigator
4. Guitar
5. Modern
6. Exhibition
7. Conversations
8. Language
9. Account
10. Manage


I can mange myself very well in class time and I'm on the self managing list to prove it.

I know how to play the guitar.

When I have conversation I speak English language.

I would like to be an investigator and analysis evidence.

We are having an exhibition to share our learning about modern learning classes.

I have got my own gmail account.

Maths: Practice adding decimal's using place value.

2.4+3.3= 5.7        1.51 + 3.2 = 4.72          0.64 + 6.23 = 6.87            0.34 + 0.84 = 1.18      

 5.673 + 0.56 = 6.233

Evidence Of Maths Learning

WALT: Add decimals using place Value:

Here is what I have worked on today at maths time.

Evidence Of Reading Response

We have to complete our reading response from our book that we are reading: Forensic in fire.

WALT: Analyses and make connections.

Character portrait (DRAFT)

Here is my introduction DRAFT for my charter writing.

WALT: Describe (show not tell)

Aroha <3

Prancing through the sidewalk, with a big wide smile brown shiny hair bobbing up and down hazel brown eyes glaring like the night sky. Her long legs striding through the ground.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Maths PAT Test

Here is the result from my PAT test this is what I need to get better at.
I need to work on adding fractions.

I got a stanine 5 and I think I need to work on paying attention and making sure I put the right answer in the right box.